Use of Redusystems

Application with a helicopter or plane

When using this method you are dependent on the expertise of the pilot. The quality and level of maintenance of the technical equipment is also a determining factor. This method of application is generally used for large areas of greenhouse roofing. In those cases this method can be very cost efficient. 

Points to consider for obtaining the best result: 

  1. It is virtually impossible to obtain an absolutely even layer because the spray formation consists of small droplets. To achieve as uniform a layer as possible the pilot will have to fly over very frequently. That increases the risk of ending up with a layer that is too thick (too much spray solution). 
  2. The number of buckets required for the desired effect on the climate is sometimes higher than with other methods of application due to the non-uniform application and loss of product (spraying is less focused so the greenhouse structure and direct surroundings are also hit). 
  3. A non-uniform layer (drip pattern) is in principle not worse. However, the effect of ReduSystems products that have diffuse-causing or spectrum-filtering properties is less. For these reasons this application technique works best when applying ReduSol.

General instructions for use

  1. Determine the required amount of water and ReduSystems product for the desired coating. The method of application is so specialised that it is completely dependent on the knowledge and skills of the pilot. Nevertheless, regardless of the application method the selected number of buckets need to be evenly distributed over the greenhouse roof. The same effect with more or less buckets is therefore not possible. Only the loss of a certain amount of spray solution is a reason to use more product.
  2. Check that the mixing container has sufficient capacity for the total amount of spray solution. Fill the mixing container with the required amount of clean water. 
  3. Empty the chosen number of buckets into the mixing container with water. 
  4. Mix the spray solution with sufficient force to create a homogeneous liquid. Check this by inspecting the bottom of the container for the presence of ReduSystems concentrate by scraping the bottom with a long object. 
  5. To take full advantage of the properties of the ReduSystems products the selected number of buckets should be carefully distributed over the surface that requires coating. 
  6. Only spray under the right conditions as described below.

Conditions that affect the quality 

The following are general points to consider and will affect the final result regardless of your chosen form of application. 

  • Don’t apply in poor drying weather conditions. The coating may slide further over the glass creating an uneven layer. The coating that is higher up is thinner and therefore less hard-wearing. 
  • Don’t apply to a wet roof or during precipitation. There is a high risk of the coating being damaged by rain or being washed away completely. A coating that is applied to wet glass is in fact diluted further so there will be less product which will have subsequent consequences on the properties of the final coating. 
  • Don’t apply when precipitation is expected within eight hours. The risk of damage by rainfall is high. 
  • Don’t apply ReduSystems products when the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius. The drying time is much longer. The coating should not be wet as night approaches because condensation may (partly) remove the layer. Don’t apply ReduSol at a temperature lower than 5 degrees Celsius.
  • Don’t apply during strong wind as the spray solution may be blown away. Loss of the solution leads to a thinner layer than intended which will alter the properties. In addition, the coating can splash surrounding objects as it is carried away by the wind. 
  • The best result is obtained when applied to a clean greenhouse roof. A clean surface produces a higher light transmission and improves durability.  


The main reasons for choosing a certain ReduSystems product are the benefits the effect of the product has on your crop. When using it you aim to maximize these advantages. These can be in different areas although often the most important are an increase in productivity or an improvement in quality. The desired effect is directly proportional to the number of buckets used on the surface and the circumstances and technology used during the application. We recommend a certain number of buckets for a reason: Experience and studies have shown that our recommendation is ideal for the given conditions and crop. The use of more or less buckets by choice or incorrect application (loss of product during application, uneven spraying, inappropriate weather conditions, etc.) therefore has consequences. These are:

Using fewer buckets than recommended: 

  • The desired effect on your crop will be less or non-existent. 
  • When using shading products there will be insufficient protection against radiation causing the temperature to rise too high.
  • The coating is less durable and will be rinsed off sooner by rain. In addition the coating will become so thin that its effect will be minimal. 

Using more buckets than recommended:

  • In some cases the desired effect will be enhanced but in most cases there will be a reduction of light for growth. 
  • With shading products it can lead to too little light or the temperature can drop too low. 
  • The coating is more durable and therefore will last longer. Sometimes it provides too much shade during the last few months when there is less light.  

The ReduSystems product wizard ‘ReduWizard’ recommends the ideal product and the quantity to use for every crop. The advice from ReduWizard is based on statistical data from hundreds of weather stations around the world. This data is combined with the information input by the user in order to provide a unique recommendation. 

Safety and environment

Safety of ReduSystems Coatings

  • In many countries it is illegal to work at a high level without safety equipment. Therefore walking on a greenhouse roof without the required safety equipment can be an offence!
  • If ReduSystems coatings come into contact with the skin or eyes rinse off with water. With ReduClean there are additional recommendations for use. 
  • If ingested contact a doctor. 


  • ReduSystems products are harmless to the environment. 
  • A high concentration of ReduSol in water can lead to an unwanted, temporary form of whitening.
  • Test the suitability and vicinity of waterways into which the ReduSystems products will flow. Prevent this if necessary.   
  • Test the suitability of the reservoir water after the inflow of ReduSystems products.

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