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AntiCondens for glass

What is AntiCondens?
Water droplets formed by condensation on the inside of greenhouse windows are annoying. All those droplets together can cause as much as 8% loss of light! There is also a risk of your crops being attacked by fungi.
AntiCondens for glass is the solution. This product, once dried, creates a hydrophilic layer that causes condensation to run off the surface thus preventing the formation of water droplets.
The result: the formation of water droplets becomes a thing of the past and more light will reach the crops.

The advantages:

• Can be applied to standard horticultural glass
• Water-based and safe to use
• Easily mixed in water
• Durable: once applied AntiCondens will last an entire season

How do you use it?

AntiCondens should be applied on a clean, dry surface, free of other substances.
For one hectare, mix 60 litres of AntiCondens with 1,000 litres of clean water. Apply AntiCondens by spraying from the gutter to the top of the ridge until the glass is entirely moistened.
After application, allow the treated surface to dry thoroughly. You can speed up the drying process by keeping the greenhouse well ventilated. If applied well, AntiCondens will remain active the entire season.

Safety and environment

• Preferably apply when the greenhouse is empty
• When applying above the crop, it is strongly recommended to test the plants for phytotoxicity before spraying with AntiCondens

AntiCondens Glass is available in a 25-litre pack.

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