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Premature corrosion of heating pipes can be prevented by painting them. Unfortunately, many products contain harmful solvents. PipePaint is guaranteed solvent-free. It’s the ideal water-based paint that effectively protects heating pipes against corrosion.

PipePaint is very white and therefore suitable for light reflection inside greenhouses, which has a positive effect on crop growth. The product is easy to apply, regardless of whether it is used for painting new pipes or repainting existing pipes.

Advantages of PipePaint

  • Excellent coverage, dries quickly and provides a non-insulating white coat of paint
  • Water-based paint
  • Harmless to crops
  • No vapour effect and therefore safer for humans and for the environment
  • Suitable for direct use on untreated materials
  • Saves on energy: it eliminates the need to turn up the heat inside the greenhouse after the paint has been applied
  • Resistant to wear

How to use it?

Remove any loose rust and dirt from the surface to be painted. The contents of one 15 litre bucket are sufficient for painting approximately 1.000-1.200 metres of heating pipe (with a diameter of 5 cm). Apply PipePaint with a paint glove or a paint roller. One application is usually sufficient.

PipePaint is available in 15 litre buckets.

Safety and environment

Safe for the crop
Independent research carried out by the former Agro-Biological and Soil Fertility Agricultural Research Department (AB-DLO) in Wageningen utilised adequate and scientifically responsible methods to make a convincing case for the fact that ReduPaint is harmless to sensitive young plants when used according to label instructions and under the prescribed conditions. Young radish, kohlrabi, tomato and cucumber plants were used as test plants. The test was carried out under the poorest conceivable conditions in respect of horticultural practices.

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