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In countries with high light intensities, the temperature of plastic film may increase significantly on surfaces where it comes into contact with the metal structure, causing the plastic film to wear prematurely. SolarGuard allows you to prevent wear effectively. It contains microscopically divided pigment that reflects solar radiation.

Advantages of SolarGuard

  • Excellent coverage and great reflective power
  • Extremely UV-stable and therefore highly resistant to wear
  • Creates a flexible film
  • Water-based product
  • Will not affect the quality of plastic film
  • Safe for humans, animals and for the environment

How to use it?

Apply SolarGuard undiluted in narrow bands to the plastic film or to the metal structure. One 16 litre bucket is sufficient for 250 to 300 square metres or for a band with a length of 2,500 to 3,000 metres and a width of 10 cm.

SolarGuard is available in 16 litre buckets.

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